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Good Value for Your Money

We believe in the value of high quality workmanship. The results are aesthetically pleasing, solid construction that will hold up for years to come without needing repairs. And a job well done is also good for resale. Renovations that look shoddy make a place hard to sell. Both your present needs as well as planning for resale have to be considered when doing any renovation project.

Our goal is todo it right the first time. This is accomplished by focusing on Quality, which in turn is the result of good Project Management combined with Skilled Workers who are dedicated, creative, and pay attention to detail. It starts by investing time up front to create a good plan that considers all the scenarios, in labour and in materials. And then executing that plan on schedule and on budget.

We are accountable to you, the stakeholder, and will do what we have to so that you are satisfied. We stand behind our work, and warranty that work from defects.

Our bids are competitive, so we can deliver good value for your money. High quality work with good materials at a reasonable price. And we pay our crew a fair and honest wage for their valuable skill sets. Our goal is to create a win-win for everyone.

We are a true general contractor, a "one stop shop" for all of your renovation needs: your designer, your builder, your advisor, your project manager. We can even be your shopper - sourcing, negotiating, pricing, and purchasing all of the materials that make up your newly renovated space.

We enjoy collaborating with our customers. You can be involved with the project as much or as little as you choose. Some clients want to be involved and informed every step of the way and be a part of the entire design and renovation process. Others only want to be involved in establishing the initial budget and schedule, then leave the rest of it to our team. Whatever suits you!

TriStar Renovations is a full service renovation company.


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