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Why renovate your home?

Renovating and remodeling adds value to your home in many ways:

  • For your own enjoyment;
  • to enlarge and update the kitchen and bath to accommodate a growing family;
  • to make your home more in tune with your lifestyle, such as space for the kids or inlaws in the basement;
  • to generate an income stream by renting out a finished basement;
  • to save money in reduced utility bills with new windows and better insulation;
  • to implement green solutions in your own home, with high efficiency toilets and shower heads, LED light bulbs, efficient appliances, even photovoltaics.

With all these benefits, home renovation just makes sense!

Your renovation is all about what works for you. To meet your expectations as much as possible, we work with you to base the design and construction process on your wants and needs, by creating a project plan that fits in your budget and timeline.

We stay in regular communication with you. From day one through to project completion, your phone calls, emails, questions and requests will be answered promptly and you will be informed and updated of progress regularly.

There is no mark-up of materials. We sell them to you at cost, and just charge a small fee for our shopping time. This provides a big savings to you.

There are no hidden costs. All labour costs are defined in the quote we give you. The scope of work contains the list of tasks to be performed, and their associated costs. Anything outside those tasks is considered a change order and will be billed separately, once we have your permission to proceed.

We want to help you make the best investment possible. We do this by bringing our knowledge and expertise to the table, and presenting you with options. The cheapest time to make changes is in the planning stage. Its better to consider and discard options, than to take a single-minded track through the whole process, only to wish you had considered options at the end. And if you are very clear about what you want, the process goes all that faster.

TriStar Renovations specializes in basement, bathroom, and kitchen renovations.


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